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Dr Strasswimmer updates Physicians and Nurses about Psoriasis and its like to health

Dr Strasswimmer was selected to deliver er the Dermatology Update:

"Psoriasis From a Medical Perspective" Psoriasis s a condition of dry itching skin that can have consequences for liver, heart, and diabetes health.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects patients' quality of life and can be costly. Various

treatments are available including topical and systemic agents.

Please join us for Psoriasis from a

Medical Perspective with guest faculty,

John Strasswimmer, M.D. PhD.


Internal Medicine Physicians, Dermatologists, Physician Assistants, Residents, Advanced Practice

Registered Nurses, Pharmacists and all other interested healthcare providers.


Explain psoriasis, its links with internal media and current treatment approaches

• Describe necessary work up of a patient with suspected new onset psoriasis

Discuss associations with chronic liver and vascular diseases

• Examine the role of topical agents including proper emollient use

• Appraise current systemic approaches to treatment of psoriasis including antimetabolites,

systemic immunosuppressants, interferon- and interleukin antagonists.


lohn M. Strassmimmer, M.D., Ph.D.

Founding Director, Melanoma & Cutaneous Oncology Program

Lynn Cancer Institute,

Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Baptist Health South Florida

Professor, Affiliate, of Medicine (Dermatology)

Professor, Affiliate, of Biochemistry

Florida Atlantic University


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