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COVID-19: We are here to help

We are restructuring our office visits to help care for all of you during the time. Drs Strasswimmer + Smirnov are here, making sure we all stay healthy. Please follow these steps:


1. Call 561-819-5822 to confirm your appointment. We will help you decide if you would like to come in person or if you would like to be part fo our new tele-dermatology service for your visit.

2. Your visit will be with your Dermatologist: Drs. Strasswimmer + Smirnov take care of our patients directly whether in person or in our new tele dermatology option

3. Before you come, please wash your hands. Upon arrival, we will welcome you while maintaining "social distancing"

4. You can always rely on us for complete total skin can care, from Mohs surgery with full cosmetic reconstruction to the most delicate skin care needs.

Thank you!


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